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ishipallthings asked: "Thank you for that lovely, articulate reply. You've given me hope for Cristina and Owen again because like you said, Owen Hunt was made for Cristina Yang (and not the other way around?). Are you still part of the GA InTheBetween writers on FF? Are you guys planning on writing a fic post S10? Sorry for all the questions :) Lovely to see all the Jeff/Annie on your tumblr, I love them <3 What do you hope for them going forward if Community is renewed for s6 (fingers crossed :D) thank you <333"

Well, since they literally created the character of Owen to be Cristina’s love interest, that’s what I meant that he was made for Cristina. But obviously, they belong together. But since Cristina was one of the original interns, you can’t technically said she was <i>created</i> for Owen, but she sure evolved into a person who complemented him and grew into being a partner. As we’ve discussed when these two first started getting together, Cristina certainly was more of an equal partner in this relationship compared to when she was with Burke. Someone made a great gifset that reflected this. For example, she wasn’t able to support Burke when he was shot and possibly unable to operate anymore until afterwards. But with Owen, she jumped right in and helped him when he had a panic attack. And so on.

I think we discussed it, but I don’t know if we’re going to do a series. I honestly have so little time that I didn’t even write anything last summer. I just edited and helped with the planning of it. I did promise I’d write something to commemorate Sandra Oh’s departure, so I may just do a one-off. We still haven’t actually fully talked about it yet. I think it will depend on how things are left off, honestly. But I know Angela has been writing some amazing stories still, so you should definitely check out her stuff.

I love Jeff and Annie, and I was thrilled with the season five finale. I hope we get to explore more of that in season six because I think they have this amazing chemistry. And I’d like there to be follow-up and consequences of his realization that he has these strong feelings for her. And the fact that she was able to basically say, “You know what? If you want to marry Britta, I won’t stop you or throw a fit,” showed great maturation. They’ve both evolved throughout, and I’d like to see that pay off. It doesn’t have to be some sappy love story, but I think there’s such great potential for interesting storylines there. Annie’s no longer just the young, naive girl who’s in love with the older man. And Jeff is no longer the selfish jerk who has to deny seeing Annie as a woman. I think you can still maintain their back-and-forth and comedic antics (of both of them really buying into whatever is going on in the world of <i>Community</i>, whether it’s the floor being lava or whatnot) while also exploring a deeper, romantic connection.

You are just stirring up all these feelings for TV couples that used to rule my life. Haha. You’re such an enabler. ;)

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make me choose: shipseverywhere asked: naley or merder?

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It's ok. I'm real.

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Emma Swan or Regina Mills

I don’t feel like a hero or a savior. I just feel like what I’ve always been… a n   o r p h a n .

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Jeff/Annie | season 5

"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want."

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a blast of human passion;
that’s only if somebody in this room has feelings stronger than I get…

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But the truth is: we are never alone

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"We have to respect each other enough to let each other want what we want." 

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A quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon

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